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Eastington Community Orchard Group

What we make

For five years now we have been harvesting gardens and orchards, large and small to raise money to build our community orchards.

Along the way, teams of volunteers have enjoyed outdoor exercise and collected fruit that would otherwise have gone to waste. Not for nothing is our trading name “ECO”.

We make apples and pears into :

- Fresh juice for immediate consumption – a dividend for volunteers on the day

- Pasteurised apple juice in various flavours

o Red top, sharp apple (e.g. bramleys)

o White top, general mixed apples (eaters, cookers and cider apples)

o Green top, 50/50 apples and pears

o Gold top, single apple/orchard specials (e.g. Gloucester Underleaf from Nastend)

- Cider, brewed over winter and bottled in April

- Perry, similarly.

From 2016, we will also have a range of jams, based on our maturing plums, damsons, and quince trees in Coneygree Orchard to go with the dependable blackcurrants and raspberries.

Cider  -  Apple juice  -  Jam

Where you can buy

Most sales are made during the Christmas Fair season (conveniently following our harvest).  Also look out for us at the School Duck Race day. Watch our News tab and Facebook page for other events.

During the year, please ring Tom on 01453 823425 or e-mail tom@hazelcottage.eu to make arrangements or speak to any regular ECO member that you know.


Pasteurised Juice comes in 750 ml bottles   priced at £2.50 each or £12.00 for a case of six.

Smaller bottles, 250ml, are usually combined to make gift packs usually but are sometimes available as packs of 20 (price on application).

Cider and Perry are sold in 500ml bottles (almost a pint) for  £2.50 each or   £12.00 for a case of six.

  -  Also available in10 litre (17 pints)  party boxes for £28.00 and 20 litre (34 pints) party boxes for £52.00

Jam  Only Raspberry and Blackcurrant at present


Stock availability:  As at 12/2/2016, we have available:

                        Apple Juice:  750 ml bottles of a in Mixed Apple ( only )

                        Some packs of 250 ml apple juice are available,  in the three varieties.

                        Cider:   500ml bottles and  party packs  - sorry, no Perry left!.

                        Jam - very little

                        Polo shirts and Hoodies with the ECO logo are occasionally available (e-mail or ring Tom).